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A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven

Q. There are so many make-up artists to choose from. How do I find the person that's right for me?

A. Ellie Ryder says: There are a few things to consider when searching for your perfect make-up artist. First you should think about how you'd like to look on the day. How does your make-up look when you feel at your best? Then, look carefully at the artist's portfolio, whether that's their website, Instagram or Facebook page. How does the make-up look in the pictures? Can you see a specific style? Does this style match your own expectations of how you'd like it to look on the day?

Next to consider is your own budget. Do their prices fit your budget? Are they local? Artists will charge mileage when getting to and from the venue on the wedding day so if you have a more restricted budget, it might be best to book someone who is based nearby.

Last but possibly the most important, do you gel with the artist? How do they come across in emails or in phone call consultations? Do they make you feel comfortable and at ease? They'll be with you on the wedding morning, which will be very exciting and probably quite emotional, so it's so important to pick someone who you get along with. If all these boxes are ticked, get them booked as soon as you can!

Ellie Ryder , Eleanor Jayne Makeup Artistry


Nailed it!

Nailed it!

Q. I always choose a French manicure and want my nails to look a bit different on my wedding day. What styles will work?

A. Filiz Ozakinci says: Sometimes nothing beats a classic and simple French, it's chic, timeless and basically goes with any outfit, event or occasion. But if this is something you regularly have and feel that for your big day a little change is what you need then we have a few takes on the classic that might just be for you. We'd recommend incorporating the classic but with a little twist, changing up detailing, colours and finishes. Our favourites include the French tip made without a line and instead using white dots. A white nail with other nail designs incorporated – for those who really want to try something different. Or maybe try a French with a glitter? It's a take on the classic but a little more fun and perfect for a winter wedding!

Filiz Ozakinci, Studio Sister