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Dress dilemma

Dress dilemma

Q. My mum wants me to wear a dress that's traditional, but I'd like something on-trend. What should I do?

A. Amy Bellamy says: When choosing your dress adopt an open minded approach. Be respectful of your mum's wishes, allowing her to choose a gown she'd like to see you in, with you also picking your own styles that suit your taste. Trying different designers and fabrics is beneficial, as this allows you to get a feel for signature designs, as well as seeing how the textures of a fabric work. By doing this you will please you and your mum, remembering that you're sharing a momentous moment together. When you find your gown – the one which gives you that 'feeling' and makes you smile from ear to ear – the style will be the least of her thoughts, as she sees her baby at the start of married life. Be prepared for lots of happy tears!

Amy Bellamy, Belles & Bows Bridal


Sustainable designs

Sustainable designs

Q. My husband and I are very environmentally aware and try to make healthy and eco-conscious choices in all areas of our lifestyle. We're getting married and I want my values to be reflected in my choice of dress. Where do I begin?

A. Keely Brightmore says: I think it's very important to have your values reflected in your wedding dress. I'd recommend writing down all the points that are most important to you and go from there. As a lot of dresses on the market are made from polyester and still made in China it's very important to do your research on the brand of your dress. I'd suggest looking for a sustainable designer who is open to sharing information on where their gowns are made and what they're made from. Here at Luna Bride, we adore chatting to brides to be interested in the ethics of their dress as this is what's so important to us as an ethical brand. Some factors that make a dress ethical and eco-friendly in my opinion are: to have the dress made locally to you or in the same country; to have the dress made in cruelty-free materials that are also good for the planet; also, it's important that the people who made your dress are treated fairly. I think having an ethical dress gives your gown more of a story and something to be really proud of when you look back on your wedding day.

Keely Brightmore, Luna Bride


Finding the one

Finding the one

Q. What factors do we need to consider before booking our wedding venue?

A. Andrea Matthews says: - Budget. Is the venue in budget and what extras do you need to consider? Does it offer discounts for midweek or out-of-season dates? If you're willing to compromise on the date, your dream venue may be in budget.

- Package. If you're looking for a bespoke wedding rather than a set package, then check the venue offers the flexibility to do this. For example, can you choose your own caterer and suppliers?

- Location. Is the setting suitable for you and your guests? If people will be travelling there, make sure there is plenty of accommodation nearby. It's worth making sure that there are lots of idyllic views for your photographs, and if you want a peaceful setting, listen out for any busy roads.

- Style. Does the venue fit with your style? Is the décor to your taste? If you're dressing the venue, will your theme look good in the space?

- The wow factor. When you visit the venue, you should be able to imagine yourselves getting married there. Many couples know instantly if they've found the one.

Andrea Matthews, The Grand Lodge at Oaklands


Dream dress

Dream dress

Q. We're excited that our wedding should be able to take place in late summer. However, I've not found my dress! How long will it take?

A. Kerensa Dyson says: As a bridal boutique owner whose business has been closed for the best part of a year, when I found out that we could reopen it was the best news! So many couples planning to marry in 2021 have had to put everything on hold – and dress shopping was out of the question. Now, there is a real buzz and excitement among brides who are finally able to choose that all-important dress.

As a bride, you may be worried that you don't have enough time, but I can reassure you that at Bijou Bridal Boutique we can have the dress of your dreams made by one of our British designers in as little as four to six weeks. Ideally, we'd have longer than that so we can spend time choosing your accessories and having any fittings completed once the gown arrives. The more time, the better and less stressful the experience will be. However, if that's not possible, don't panic – we can help! You can book in for one of our VIP bridal appointments through our website.

Kerensa Dyson, Bijou Bridal Boutique