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Perfectly planned

Perfectly planned

Q. My partner and I travel a lot for work and we're finding it impossible to find time for wedding planning. My friend suggested hiring a planner, but is it worth it?

A. Chloe Hought says: With an overwhelming amount to plan and a busy schedule on the day itself, wed-min can be a daunting prospect. As wedding planners, our main role is to be there for you and ease the pressure. We'll be on hand throughout the journey, offering as much or as little assistance as needed to help you stress less and achieve success!

Full planning services take care of the whole process – from securing your venue to helping you into your dream dress on the day. Coordination services provide assistance on the day itself, ensuring everything goes to plan. Partial and bespoke packages cover anything in between.

While wedding are expensive, planners don't have to be. Prices vary on location, your budget and the services provided. In Yorkshire, you can expect to pay £1,500 upwards for full planning and £450 to £1,000 for coordination. If you're worried about over-spending, some planners offer financial management and have access to supplier discounts. This is something that we offer as standard at Hart Country Weddings. Considering 70 per cent of couples overspend or don't budget at all, this is an important aspect to consider.

Hiring a planner is a personal choice, but you invest a lot in your wedding, and professional support can ensure a stress-free day.

Chloe Hought


Planned to perfection

Planned to perfection

Q. With the pressures of full-time jobs, we're struggling to find some time to organise our big day. Is it worth investing in a wedding planner?

A. Andrea Matthews says: The simple answer is to ask someone who has hired one. If you don't know anyone who has, then check out planners' websites to research what services they provide and read their testimonials. Most professionals would be happy for you to contact their clients, should you wish.

With few up-front tangible benefits, it's sometimes difficult for couples to recognise how beneficial working with a planner can be. Most experts offer bespoke services that are based around full planning, venue and supplier sourcing, budgeting, partial planning, on-the-day coordination through to design and styling. You can hire one at any stage of your journey too, it might be right at the beginning to plan it from scratch or it might be later in the process when you just need management on the day. Some planners charge a percentage of the overall budget, whereas some have an hourly rate.

Every couple's needs are different. The main thing is whether they're suitable for you. Do they fit your style? Do you love what their clients say about them? Most importantly, are they a person you'd like to work with? You need to feel relaxed and confident that you've chosen the right expert for you.

Andrea Matthews


Planned to perfection

Planned to perfection

Q. I work away from home a lot and I'm struggling to plan my wedding next year – where do I turn for help?

A. Tabby Kerwin says: Firstly, make sure all your major elements are booked. This includes venue, catering, photographer and entertainment – these are the things that get booked up far in advance. Be honest with yourself about your budget and make sure you stick to it. No one needs the additional stress of debt.

Next up, ask for help and delegate. These are two things we're pretty bad at as humans. If you want some professional advice and are happy to hand over control of your big day then hire a wedding planner. Many companies will offer full or partial planning, as well as an on-the-day coordination service.

Some planners, like myself, offer an hourly wedding-consultation service. This would be perfect for you as you can use it as and when you need – either just for help and advice, or for practical matters such as booking businesses and admin jobs. This is a great compromise for a busy couple who want to stay in control of their special day.

Tabby Kerwin


You shall go to the ball

You shall go to the ball

Q. I've tried on a few dresses but not had the wow factor yet. How will I know when I've found the one?

A. Mandy Abramson says: Your wedding dress is one of the most important outfits you will ever choose so make sure it's perfect.

Always visit a number of different boutiques as some shops can buy very similar styles and you want to view a cross-section of gowns.

Step out of your comfort zone and try on lots of shapes and fabrics, as this will help you understand what works for you.

Try to keep an open mind, as you may be surprised. It's great to get advice from friends and family but limit the amount of people you take with you as lots of opinions can get confusing. Follow these pointers and you'll know when you've found your dream dress.

Mandy Abramson


The Personal Touch

The Personal Touch

Q. My partner and I have just got engaged but we're looking to do something a little different from the traditional, lavish weddings we've been to. How do we adopt a more personal approach?

A. Alicja Kulinska says: This year, we're seeing a move away from large, flamboyant weddings, towards more intimate celebrations, where individuality, romance, togetherness and love take centre stage. This shift towards a more personal experience has altered couple's priorities with some refreshing trends becoming popular as a result...

Clever spending. Value and authenticity are more important to brides and grooms today than excessive spending. That's not to say couples want a cheap wedding, but it's about spending money where it counts to create a day tailored perfectly to you.

Intimate gatherings. Guest lists are becoming shorter and ceremonies are smaller. Your aunt-once-removed, and your neighbour's cousin really don't need to be there. Make room for the people that matter, making for a warmer atmosphere.

Weekday weddings. Harry and Meghan broke with royal tradition by marrying on a Saturday, but there's nothing to say you should do the same. Opting for a weekday, when the venue is less in-demand, can save you thousands – freeing up budget to be spent elsewhere.

Caring catering. When it comes to the wedding breakfast, pay attention to value and meaning. People enjoy food that has been lovingly grown and prepared with creativity applied, making your first meal as newlyweds even more special. Couples are bringing in personal elements such as wine from their local vineyard.

Natural beauty. Cakes, flowers and décor are much more down-to-earth, with an emphasis on quality and class, rather than size and extravagance. Earthy colours and plants are finding their way in to every area of the venue, including lining the aisle.

Alicja Kulinska

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