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Simply you!

Simply you!

Q. A few of my friends have got married recently and I'm worried my wedding isn't going to stand out. How can I add something special to my big day?

A. Jodie Knott says: Always stay true to who you are, and your likes and dislikes. Your wedding day is about you both as a couple, so it's always best to draw on your interests or your relationship for inspiration. Some ideas that can help your wedding stand out could be:

1. Personalised table plan – Table numbers as date milestones throughout your relationship. I've seen this at a recent wedding where the couple used the date they first got together, the date of their engagement and the year they moved in together. It also gives your guests something to discuss at the table! Other ideas could be using your favourite films, books or holiday locations.

2. Dessert table – Are you a sweet treat kind of couple? I love the idea of a dessert table instead of a standalone wedding cake. Not only does it provide a variety of treats for your guests, but you don't have to stick with just cake!

3. Audio guest book – This isn't your typical guest book. Hearing someone's voice is something we take for granted. Rather than have your guests write you a message in a book why not get them to leave you a message? As the drinks are flowing throughout the night the messages will probably become more hilarious!

Jodie Knott, Knotted in Love


Old hollywood style

Old hollywood style

Q. We're having a glitz and glamour-themed wedding but are on a tight budget. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Anna Winkworth says: Glitz and glamour on a budget… here, I feel the guests are one of the biggest assets in this theme! Go for black tie and cocktail dresses, or even better full-length gowns and all the guests will bring another level of style and sophistication to your wedding!

Anna Winkworth, Thicket Priory


Wedding planning

Wedding planning

Q. Following the last 18 months, how has the wedding industry changed?

A. Lisa Sansom says: The last 18 months have probably been the hardest the industry has ever seen. The restrictions we've had to face have meant that not only the way people are booking weddings has changed, but also what people are booking. Regardless of restrictions lifting, we've seen that a lot of people are still keeping their weddings relatively small and people are choosing to spend their budget which would have gone on more guests, on added luxuries like entertainment.

We've seen an increase in people booking more immersive experiences and musicians, which provides a more intimate experience allowing guests to feel more involved. We've had a lot of free-standing aerialists which have been booked, meaning people can be in and amongst the action. Couples are also looking for more versatile acts which will allow them to still perform with any restrictions in place, as we have still felt a lot of uncertainty around big events. 

Needless to say, people have got a lot of catching up to do and thankfully, we've seen bookings being made into the next couple of years, even into 2025! What most people do need now, is trust and flexibility. They need to be able to trust their suppliers and know that whatever the future may hold, Covid-19 restrictions or not, that their suppliers and event organisers will stand by them and they'll do the same!

Lisa Sansom, RubyLemon