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Wedding planning

Wedding planning

Q. Following the last 18 months, how has the wedding industry changed?

A. Lisa Sansom says: The last 18 months have probably been the hardest the industry has ever seen. The restrictions we've had to face have meant that not only the way people are booking weddings has changed, but also what people are booking. Regardless of restrictions lifting, we've seen that a lot of people are still keeping their weddings relatively small and people are choosing to spend their budget which would have gone on more guests, on added luxuries like entertainment.

We've seen an increase in people booking more immersive experiences and musicians, which provides a more intimate experience allowing guests to feel more involved. We've had a lot of free-standing aerialists which have been booked, meaning people can be in and amongst the action. Couples are also looking for more versatile acts which will allow them to still perform with any restrictions in place, as we have still felt a lot of uncertainty around big events. 

Needless to say, people have got a lot of catching up to do and thankfully, we've seen bookings being made into the next couple of years, even into 2025! What most people do need now, is trust and flexibility. They need to be able to trust their suppliers and know that whatever the future may hold, Covid-19 restrictions or not, that their suppliers and event organisers will stand by them and they'll do the same!

Lisa Sansom, RubyLemon


Keep calm and plan on

Keep calm and plan on

Q. I'm finding wed-min quite stressful alongside working from home. How can I enjoy it instead of finding it a chore?

A. Hazel Walshaw says: It can be overwhelming when our minds are not focused on one task and we keep getting pulled away to other things. You're working, but you're planning too, and it's hard to pay full attention to either.

It helps to segment your day. While doing your day job, avoid any wedding-related tasks such as supplier emails, scrolling through Pinterest, etc. During your lunch break or in the evening, schedule in a slot of time to answer wedding emails and research ideas.

It helps to make a list of what you want to achieve in your wed-min that week, and make sure you prioritise what needs to be done. Short-term effort is much easier to manage and you'll feel like you're making progress without it being a chore.

Hazel Walshaw, Mindful Wedding Coach


Keep calm and plan on

Keep calm and plan on

Q. After all the excitement of getting engaged, we're now totally lost when it comes to the planning. Can you give us a checklist of what we need to consider?

A. Hazel Walshaw says: Firstly, take your time and don't panic. There's a lot to do but you don't want to get overwhelmed. Here are some points to consider…

- Decide on your budget and allocate amounts to different aspects of the wedding. - Think about your guest list. This will have an effect on your budget and the size of venue you'll need.

- Visit and choose a venue, then get your date booked.

- Book your ceremony or registrar for the same day.

- If you're having a civil ceremony, you can give notice at your local registry office from 12 months prior to the wedding.

- Send save-the-dates, if you wish.

- Start to get ideas for the theme, style and colour of your day.

- Source suppliers such as a photographer, florist, caterer etc., and check they're available.

- If your dress is being made-to-order, you'll need at least six months' lead time.

- Once all your main suppliers are booked, you can start to look at the finishing touches.

- Send your invitations two or three months before the wedding.

Hazel Walshaw, Love To Marry


Style it out

Style it out

Q. From children and Insta-obsessed teenagers to more traditional older relatives, how do we make sure our wedding appeals to all our loved ones?

A. Tammy Howard says: To get everyone's attention, try something a bit different. Traditional but with a twist will stand out from other weddings. An alternative Instaworthy backdrop would be amazing for your guests to take photos in front of. Make your table decor interesting and exciting by thinking outside the box.

Why not try bold colours like in this photo? We teamed bright shades, light-up letters, beautiful table decor and personalised stationery in a rustic setting to really give the wow factor.

Give a personal touch to elements of your day by working with your suppliers to find things that reflect you and your partner. The work you put into the finer details will create something unique to you, which will leave a lasting impression of your magical day for your guests.

Tammy Howard, Howards Events

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