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Berry beautiful

Berry beautiful

Q. We're getting married in November and would like our flowers to reflect the season. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Elizabeth Webster says: To reflect the changing season from autumn to winter we would suggest working with darker tones and plenty of textures. Using different winter foliage, berries, dahlias and roses would create a beautiful seasonal feel to your special day.

Elizabeth Webster, Elizabeth Grace Floral Design


British bouquets

British bouquets

Q. What bouquet designs are currently on trend?

A. Vanessa Wellock says: The wedding bouquet style I'm finding on trend for this season is a very natural, organic handtied style. A number of my brides for this year are championing sustainability and are requesting British flowers. This is fantastic for our industry as we have such a fabulous array of seasonal British flowers available during our summer wedding season. The brides that have requested British flowers are leaving the flower selection up to me as we're dependent on the weather and availability so on the wedding morning there's an element of surprise as the bride doesn't know what to expect, which can be very nerve-wracking as I hope when I arrive my bride is happy with the finished bouquet.

Vanessa Wellock, Wildflowers




Q. Myself and my partner are passionate about sustainability. I want my wedding to be absolutely stunning but am unsure about what flowers to choose without them all being from overseas. Any advice?

A. Helen Emson says: Sustainability in the wedding industry is a hot topic. The great news is that making positive changes with a conscience doesn't mean compromising on style.

Whether you feel that a small bouquet of wildflowers or having lots of flowers is important to your wedding day then we have many ways of creating incredible designs in a more sustainable way using these simple techniques:

Floral foam free designs: Traditional floristry foam isn't biodegradable, so we never use this in our designs.

Use more seasonal flowers: Seasonal flowers provide incredible quality, freshness, scent and style making designs that reflect the season of your wedding.

Re-use designs: We love to make designs work hard by moving them throughout the day from the wedding ceremony to the reception.

Grown not flown: With incredible British flower growers we don't need to use imported flowers. In the winter months it's more challenging, so we use fair trade imported flowers wherever possible.

Recycling flowers: If you can't re-use your flowers after the wedding then gift them on to a charity for someone else to reuse and enjoy them.

Helen Emson, Willow & Bear


By arrangement

By arrangement

Q. We're having a classic country house wedding in summer. What floral styles will create a timelessly romantic feel?

A. Erika McManus & Samantha Taylor says: The country house style is so gorgeous, and one of our favourites when it comes to flowers! A style we'd suggest to suit this are mini meadows. They're so versatile and be used anywhere from aisle décor and table centrepieces to large versions with more height to sit in front of the top table, which gives the impression of you both sitting in a cottage garden-style meadow.

The blooms we find best for this look are British seasonal flowers, which is perfect for summer as we are right in the middle of our growing season. There's an amazing selection to choose from, including delphiniums, sweet peas, garden roses and late-summer dahlias.

Erika McManus & Samantha Taylor, Tweedle Floral Design


Flowers forever

Flowers forever

Q. We've had to postpone our wedding to winter from August. The trouble is, I wanted summery flowers for my bouquet. What are my options?

A. Sylvia Pearson says: Postponed weddings are a reality right now, with couples having to adapt their guest list and venue – but to change the theme is hard as its such a personal choice. Bouquets are a big part of the colour scheme and vibe of the day, so it can be heartbreaking if you can't have what you want because you've had to change your date.

Faux flowers are the perfect solution, and handmade, eco-friendly faux flowers are even better! Ecoblooms is a small business that crafts flowers from donated recycled plastic bottles. They never wilt or die, so can be bought years in advance (yes, some couples are that organised). Most importantly, they are not affected by the seasons. If you want sunflowers, peonies or daisies in December, you've got them!

I've supported so many couples over the past year who are dealing with this new normal – rearranging flowers to accommodate different venues or orders changing as party numbers reduce – but what they don't have to worry about is their flowers. It's an honour to be asked to create something for such an important moment in people's lives, and I'm here to bring your ideas to life no matter what obstacles are thrown in the way.

Sylvia Pearson, Ecoblooms