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The perfect setting

The perfect setting

Q. We'd like a relaxed, country feel to our wedding. How do we narrow down our venue search and what should we be looking for?

A. Lisa Hunt says: These are some things you may like for your wedding that you hadn't considered, but will add to the vibe you're going for…

- Accommodation. Can you stay on site and how long for? We offer the option of a three-night stay, giving you plenty of time to relax, enjoy the facilities and gradually come back down to earth afterwards.

- Exclusivity. Do you want to celebrate in private, without sharing the space with any other couples?

- Look and feel. Think about having a venue with a beautiful rural setting as a backdrop to your photographs. Inside, do you want a homely country house to reflect your theme?

- Little extras. Think about what added extras a venue can offer to make it more special. We have a cosy cinema room as well as a games room, which is perfect for competitive guests! We also have hot tubs and can offer spa treatments for a bit of R&R.

- Space. Would you enjoy an outside area where children can let off steam while the adults can sit around a campfire with a glass of wine?

- Food and drink. What do you want to eat? We give the option of hiring in professional caterers or doing your own catering from our kitchen. We also offer flexible bar options to fit with the theme of your day.

Lisa Hunt,Spicer Manor


Light it up

Light it up

Q. We've recently been back to view our barn venue and it seemed quite dark. How do we bring a bit of light and atmosphere to it?

A. Stephanie Aldred says: There's something about exposed brickwork and wooden beams that really set the scene for a wedding. By adding the subtle warm white glow of fairylights to the beams, you can bring your venue to life. Try colour washes of light to brighten those dark corners and tie in with the theme of your day.

Bunting is traditionally known for decorating village fetes, and we think this ties in wonderfully with your setting. Adding a little sparkle to it will create a charming feature.

Atmosphere on the day is of the utmost importance and shouldn't be overlooked. You can have the most incredible venue, but if it's not illuminated sufficiently, it can feel dark and lifeless. Our range of lighting can be tailored to your space to bring warmth and fun.

Stephanie Aldred


Deck the halls

Deck the halls

Q. How do we create a traditional, cosy Christmas theme with our styling and props without it looking over-the-top?

A. Jen Sawdon-McKay says: Christmas weddings are some of my favourite to style. My clients often ask me how to create a festive feel without it being too flashy or traditional.

My advice would be to choose a definitive palette to use throughout the day and try not to go overboard. Frosty blues paired with white and silver can be just as seasonal as the classic red, green and gold.

If you want a traditional look, opt for greenery. Use lots of ferns and spruces as your base, then you can either glam it up with gold accents or introduce white and natural elements to give it a Nordic vibe.

JEN'S TOP TIP: You can never have too many candles!

Jen Sawdon-McKay




Q. We've opted for a bohemian theme for our wedding but we're struggling with how to create a cosy, personal vibe. Help!

A. Sadie Baldwin says: Adding candles to your décor can change your venue from a blank canvas to a place that really invokes feeling. Scent is strongly associated with recollection and has a powerful impact on emotions, feelings and memories – so it's the perfect way to create a welcoming ambience.

Incorporate burning candles as table centrepieces and dot them around the room for a long-lasting scent-sation. Not only will the enticing flickering flames bring a romantic atmosphere, but also the scent will give lifelong memories. For a boho-chic look, opt for amber-coloured glass jars instead of clear.

Keep the fire burning by gifting your guests with the same candles as favours. For an extra special touch, why not take advantage of our personalised label service.

Sadie Baldwin


Boho beauty

Boho beauty

Q. We've decided on a relaxed bohemian vibe for our wedding – but we've got no idea where to start with the styling. What do you suggest?

A. Andrea Matthews says: Whether you're a free-spirited wanderer or you're simply drawn to a carefree and relaxed style, when adopting this theme for your nuptials you should consider the type of styling you want. Would you like prominent, statement pieces or just subtle elements?

Start by thinking about your personalities. Are you an outdoorsy couple who embrace the hippie lifestyle or are you inspired by an unconventional theme but still want to retain a degree of luxury? This will guide you in your decisions.

Consider incorporating macramé into your design. A woven wedding arch or hanging dreamcatchers will add a gypsy-chic vibe to your setting. Mix with loose, wild flowers and plenty of foliage. Simple lighting and earthy tableware complete the look. For a pop of colour, bright origami decorations would look amazing.

If you want a touch of luxury, mix whimsical elements like flower crowns, pampas grass and feathers with gold candle holders, opulent linen and crystal glassware.

The key is to determine your theme early in the planning process and then appoint a fitting team of suppliers to bring your vision to life.

Andrea Matthews