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Cool for kids!

Cool for kids!

Q. I'm inviting children to our wedding. I know that the speeches can be boring for little ones. Any suggestions to keep them amused?

A. Amy Wright says: There are lots of ways you can keep children amused on your big day! Weddings can be a long day for little ones anyway; and keeping them entertained during more boring parts of the day such as speeches can be a challenge. We offer tipi kids corners which offer a cosy space for little ones to play. Areas like this can include games and colouring books/ pencils, you can relax knowing your little ones are keeping busy and most importantly, not causing a fuss! Speeches also offer an hour for younger children to relax and take a nap before the long night ahead. For this reason, we always style kids' corners with lots of comfy cushions, rugs and blankets to ensure there's a little space for them to rest if needed. Our kids' corners can be set up indoors or outdoors, however our top tip would always be to choose an indoor option! The last thing you want is for your guests to be going outside every five minutes to check on the kids. Let's face it… speeches can be difficult enough without more distractions! By having the kids corner indoors, parents can relax and fully enjoy the speeches knowing their little ones are safe and having fun!

Amy Wright, The Beverley Events Company


Paty on!

Paty on!

Q. Like many couples, our wedding has been postponed due to the pandemic, and we're having to re-book our entertainment. What should we take into consideration before booking?

A. Steven Robertson says: If you're re-booking wedding entertainment for a wedding that you've had to postpone, the first thing you need to find out is if your original band is still available. If you booked through a reputable agency, they should be able to transfer your booking to your new date or to a new band – no problem!

Maybe you've booked directly with your band? Find out about their cancellation policy. They might be able to perform on your new date instead or might have a refund policy.

If you need to book a new band last minute – don't panic! Give your agency a ring and tell them your new date. They'll be able to give you a list of bands who are available on your wedding day and help match you to the perfect act. The chances are, you'll still have a great variety of options to choose from.

Finally, if you have your heart set on a band, you could always find out which dates they are free and find out if your venue is able to amend your booking to match. You never know, and it's always worth asking! Good luck on your search and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Steven Robertson, Entertainment Nation




Q. Following the last 18 months, how has the wedding industry changed?

A. Dessie Poleon says: After the past 18 months, it seems people were desperate to be back with their loved ones to have a celebration. This has made us feel welcomed every time we've recently performed at a wedding, like everyone's been missing us and the band has come to bring the party.

After the pandemic, I expect to see an increase in bookings and weekends filling up quickly as there will be no restrictions and everyone will be ready to celebrate once again.

Couples' priorities have changed and varied as people were affected differently by the pandemic. You have those clients who are now trying to cut down on their band sizes due to change in venues,or perhaps even income, and on the other hand some people are increasing their band size and adding more live music throughout the day for their drinks reception and ceremony. This could be due to increased budgets through saving during lockdown or because the last 18 months have made them want to celebrate bigger and better ‒ we're looking forward to being a part of some amazing parties!

We have a very easy online system where clients can start planning their event with us. This means that throughout the pandemic, most clients who postponed had good time to get it all in order. When we do our final call before the event, it's usually very easy as everything is already prepared for us. This includes music preferences, schedule and logistics.

Dessie Poleon, Blue Lion Band