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It's Party Time

It's Party Time

Q What is your advice on planning an intimate wedding?
A Bryn Towning says: First and foremost, look for professionalism, reliability and experience in curating tailored experiences for your small gathering.

Work closely with your DJ to curate a personalised playlist that reflects your tastes and personalities. Since the guest list is smaller, you have the opportunity to cater to individual preferences more easily.

Also, ensure clear communication with your DJ about the atmosphere you want to create. Whether it's a laid-back vibe or a lively dance party, conveying your vision helps your entertainment provider tailor their performance accordingly.

In intimate settings, the DJ setup needs to be proportionate to the space. Discuss logistics with your DJ to ensure their equipment fits seamlessly without overwhelming the venue.

With a smaller crowd, there may be more opportunities for guests to make song requests. Embrace this interactive element, but also communicate any do-not-play songs or genres in advance.

Unlike larger weddings, in an intimate setting, the DJ should be mindful of volume levels to avoid overwhelming conversations. A skilled DJ can adjust the sound system to maintain an appropriate balance.

Finally, work with your DJ to incorporate personalised touches, like a first dance song, dedications, or surprise performances that enhance the intimate atmosphere and create lasting memories.

Bryn Towning, DJ Yorkshire

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