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Arrive in style

Arrive in style

Q. I'd like to book a wedding car for my husband-to-be as a surprise. What do I need to take in to consideration before booking?

A. Richard Dembizky says: Firstly, have a think about what his interests are. What's his favourite TV programme or film, and is there a vehicle that'd tie in to that? Perhaps he points out cars when you're out and about or in car magazines – do they tend to be small and gimmicky, or powerful muscle cars? This is a great way of doing your research without him realising what you're up to, and hopefully you'll end up picking the car he'd have chosen for himself.

Consider what type of transport will tie in to your day. Our 44-year-old Cadillac Eldorado is a fantastic talking point, and a great photo opportunity. Where the wedding is taking place will also have a bearing, talk to your chosen car company to ensure they can cover the distance needed and let them know where your venue is so they can plan the route for your special day

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