FAQs and expert advice about men's formal wear

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Suits you

Suits you

Q. We have a big menswear party. How do we find outfits to suit everyone?

A. Neil Tennant says: The most important aspect of your suit is the fit. If you're not measured for your suit properly, it will never look its best. If you're tall or short, make sure alterations are done accordingly. Better still, buy or hire a suit in a long or short fitting to ensure it's in proportion all over.

Traditional styles often suit all shapes, sizes and generations, that's why they're timeless. Unfortunately, dad and grandad may not look quite as cool in a skinny-fit modern style. It's best to look for something that everyone will be comfortable in. It's the biggest day of your life, you don't want to be counting down the hours until you can get changed!

Darker colours tend to be more flattering for the suit, but you can brighten it up with lighter neckwear or waistcoats. Think about the fabric and the season too. Tweed is fashionable, but it's probably best suited to a winter wedding.

Finally, think about longevity. If you're going through a phase of wearing a certain colour or style, perhaps save it for another occasion. You want to love your attire in photos for years to come.

Neil Tennant, Frank Bird


Groomed to perfection

Groomed to perfection

Q. My husband has no idea what to wear for our wedding. How do we make sure he looks sharp?

A. Emma Tennant says: I'd recommend going for a timeless look. Lounge suits and morning tails will never date and you'll look back on your photos in years to come and still love it.
Colour-wise, greys and bright blues are popular. Many grooms will choose to highlight a shade from either the bridesmaids' dresses or the flowers to complement the day. I always suggest the groom looks a little different to the rest of his party. After all, brides stand out so why shouldn't a groom? Something simple like an ivory or white tie rather than one in the colour scheme works well. Currently, our most requested hue for accessories is dusky pink. This works wonderfully with French blue tails for a classy, understated vibe.
In our stores, we have plenty of stock, so we can show you how to tie neckwear and how garments should fit, leaving you feeling amazing.

Emma Tennant

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