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Hot topic: Answers to your wedding dilemmas

Our experts attempt to solve your wedding dilemmas

Everlasting blooms

Everlasting blooms

Q. It feels like such a shame to throw away all our flowers after the big day. Are there any long-lasting options to decorate my venue with?

A. Dani Bolser says: Faux flowers are a great alternative to fresh and they make a wonderful keepsake. In recent years silk florals have become super-realistic in both look and touch. What's more, you can purchase almost any type and colour to suit your theme.

Many newlyweds-to-be suffer with allergies and don't want to be sneezing their way down the aisle, so these are perfect! They're also ideal for taking abroad.

Real flowers, such a peonies, hate the heat. False alternatives stay beautiful all day and for years to come. You also don't need to worry about certain blooms being out of season.

Artificial options are great for centrepieces, garlands and backdrops as well as buttonholes and bouquets, with the added benefit of being able to decorate your home with them after the wedding.

Do it your way

Do it your way

Q. We feel quite limited by a civil ceremony, as we don't think it reflects our relationship. What are our other options?

A. Lisa Bourne says: A humanist ceremony is a great option for those who want non-religious nuptials that are meaningful to them.

Celebrants accredited by Humanists UK are trained to work with couples to create bespoke ceremonies from scratch – no tick boxes in sight! This means I can develop a ceremony that focuses on you and your love for one another.

Celebrants will meet with you to discuss exactly what you want from your big day. Weddings can include music, poems, readings, personal vows and other symbolic actions such as handfasting.

After the meeting, you'll receive a draft script, which you get to edit as much as you like. I also like to liaise with your wedding party and key suppliers to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

In England and Wales, humanist weddings do not currently hold legal status – so you'll also need to register your marriage at the registry office. This is no bad thing, it means you don't have to host your wedding at a licensed venue. Why not choose your favourite picnic spot, your garden or a field?

Fancy feet

Fancy feet

Q. I'm wearing a tea-length dress with sandals for my wedding. I very rarely show my feet so what are your top tips for getting them looking their best?

A. Margaret Dabbs says: Starting a course of treatment around two months before the big day will transform your feet and give them a look to be proud of for your nuptials and honeymoon.

Nearlyweds can book in for our Medical Pedicure eight weeks before their wedding; this transforming treatment gives instant, long-lasting results. We then recommend the Supreme Pedicure and massage four weeks later to keep your feet looking great. Indulge yourself the week before your special day with the Ultimate Luxury Foot Therapy. This treatment gives 70 minutes of pure indulgence enabling you to relax while we perfect your feet.

A dedicated routine of home treatments will prolong the results. Use a foot file twice a week on dry skin and apply an intensive hydrating foot lotion every day.

Don't forget to break in new shoes before the big day by wearing them around the house. Finish off your look with a gorgeous, natural nail colour.

Lucky charm

Lucky charm

Q. We'd love to do something a bit quirky for our ceremony that all our guests will remember. What do you suggest?

A. Katie Wiggins says: Recently, there has been a resurgence in the charming age-old tradition of having a chimney sweep appear at your nuptials. It was believed that the sweep bestows luck, love and happiness for the newlywed's lives together. The custom almost died out, but now it's back and very much on-trend.

Historically arranged by a family member or friend as a surprise for the happy couple, brides and grooms are now organising the sweep to attend as a quirky spectacle for their guests and a fantastic talking point.

At the weddings I attend, I come bearing gifts in the form of a pot of lucky soot, a horseshoe and a personalised certificate – and guests always love a sweep selfie!