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Discover the language of cake with Yorkshire's Debbie Gillespie Cake Design

Discover the language of cake with Yorkshire's Debbie Gillespie Cake Design: Image 1 We asked Debbie Gillespie of Debbie Gillespie Cake Design to give us a rundown of the most used terms in wedding cakes...

Buttercream. A delicious combination of butter and icing sugar (American style) or butter, icing sugar and eggs (Swiss meringue style). It can be flavoured and coloured and used to fill or coat your cake. Buttercream doesn't withstand excessive heat so it's not suitable for hot and humid conditions.

Dowels. Internal supports placed in each tier to prevent sinking and give vertical support, as the cake alone is not strong enough to support the weight of tiers above it.

Dragees. A fancy name for small, hard sugar balls. They're commonly found in silver or gold and available in a range of sizes.

Embossing. The technique of imprinting a pattern into sugar-paste icing. Diamond and cushion patterns are particularly popular.

Flower paste or gum paste. Icing that is rolled very thin and is perfect for making sugar flowers. It's edible but not particularly palatable as it dries to a hard, brittle finish.

Fondant or sugar paste. A soft, sweet icing that can be rolled and applied over a buttercream or ganache base to give a clean, smooth look. It can be embossed, moulded, draped, and modeled for a range of decorative effects. Perfect for extreme weather conditions as it doesn't require refrigeration.

Ganache. Chocolate is added to heated double or whipping cream to make a thick fudge-like icing – perfect for a crisp, clean look underneath fondant or on its own. It can also be whipped lightly for use as a filling.

Lustre. A beautiful sheen, which can be applied to icing for a soft glow. It comes in the form of edible lustre sprays or dusts painted directly onto sugar paste.

Naked cake. A bake without any buttercream or ganache covering so that all layers are fully visible.

Semi-naked cake. Similar to a naked cake but with a thin layer of buttercream or ganache so the layers are just visible. It gives a rustic look but the slight covering provides a degree of protection to maintain the cake's moisture.

Ombré. A technique where colours graduate from dark to light or vice versa.

Rosette. A technique using frilled strips of sugar paste to create rose-like decorations.

Royal icing. A soft icing, which can be spread or piped and dries to a hard finish – remember the teeth-cracking Christmas cakes with spiky icing? Used for delicate patterns, dots and intricate lacework.

Tier. An individual cake level, made up of layers. Each level then stacks on top of each other.

Debbie Gillespie Cake Design | www.debbiegillespiecakedesign.co.uk

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