Meet Yorkshire photographer Lisa Kershaw of Drawn by Light Photography

Newlywed couple on grand staircase with chandleiers by Lisa Kershaw of Drawn by Light Photography Credit: Drawn by Light PhotographyTell us about your business...
I'm really passionate about classic, elegant and beautiful wedding photography that will stand the test of time. I want you to look back on your wedding photographs in 10 or 20 years time and feel proud but also be transported back to the way you felt on your magical day. I was honoured this year to be awarded in the Top 10 International wedding photographers by the Guild of Professional Photographers. 

I know that being the centre of attention and having your photograph taken can feel like a nerve-wracking experience, I want to take all of the scariness out of it for you. We will spend lots of time together before your wedding going through all of the little details over a cuppa so that when the time comes, you feel like you have an extra friend at your wedding. I am honoured to have lots of friends who started as wedding clients and I now welcome them back every year as I've become their family photographer. For me, It's all about exceptional service, going that extra mile to make everything feel easy and work seamlessly, but most importantly, feel relaxed and fun. 

How did you become a wedding photographer?
I've always loved photography. It runs in the family. My grandfather was a photographer and my dad is a keen amateur, so I was taught from an early age how to take a great picture and develop it in the chemical trays in the make-shift dark room set up in the bathroom. I was always the kid with a camera.

I went on to study photography as part of my later education at college, and have developed my skills with additional training every year. In 2015, I could no longer ignore the strong calling to make the thing that I love my career, so I started my photography business and opened my studio in Elland a couple of years later. I feel honoured that I am able to be there for amazing joyful milestones in people's lives and that I get to share in the magic. 

What's your favourite type of wedding to work on?
I really love weddings, and if the last year has taught me anything, it is that absence really does make the heart grow fonder – and I know I have my dream job! In the last 18 months, I have photographed weddings big and small, from 15 guests to 150 guests, from 19th-century castles to tipis in a field.

The weddings that I love the most are where family and friends are the thing that makes it special – the ones where you can feel the love, as if everyone is giving the couple a great big hug. Those make my heart sing. My favourite part of the day is twilight, when we can sneak outside for a few minutes and take those wow photos that show the sun setting – the ones that will hang on the wall or be on the cover of the album. 

What are you top tips for couples booking their photographer? 
Ask yourself the following:
1) Can you see yourself in their photographs?
2) Are they in budget? Don't scrimp on your photographer as they'll give you the lasting legacy of your big day. When all the confetti is swept up and the glasses have been drained, your gorgeous photo album is the thing that you'll treasure the most for years to come. You won't remember many elements, but you'll look at your pictures and feel the rush of love that you felt on your wedding day.
3) Can you imagine spending time with your photographer on your big day? Will they make you feel relaxed and comfortable? Will they instill calm and confidence in you and do they feel like a friend?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then your wedding photographs will reflect your personality and look relaxed and natural too. 

What's new with your company?
Why not try a pre-wedding photoshoot for only £200? These can mark your engagement or you can use them a few weeks before your wedding to have a practice at feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

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