Yorkshire's Toni Neylon Walker Makeup tells us about her new range of make-up brushes

Three models holding make-up brushes and applicator from the Co Artistry Tools collection Tell us about your business... 
Co Artistry Tools are an innovative, vegan and cruelty free brand, offering makeup brushes and tools. Being a make-up artist myself has given me insight and knowledge into what is needed most in a make-up kit or collection. This has given me the opportunity to design something really special.  

What made you launch your new make-up brush range?
The whole range has been specially designed for multi use and to simplify the make-up application. I often found myself purchasing multiple brush sets and using only a handful of brushes from each set. Co Artistry Tools has been created in a way that each brush has more than one purpose and will perform to the highest standard, I wanted to bring a high-end range to the cruelty-free and vegan market, so I am very proud for making that happen.

Collection of make up brushes and applicator by Co Artistry Tools What advice do you have for brides doing their own make-up with your brushes for a micro-ceremony...
With each brush set comes a detailed description of uses making the whole process simplified and stress free. We also have a tips and tricks section which will be packed with tutorials for customers to view as and when they please. 

What's the most common question clients ask you?
I am always asked if I did my own wedding make-up, to which my answer is "yes!"

What's your favourite make-up tip?
The best tip I could always give is skincare! Cleanse, tone and moisturise – every day and night. Great make-up looks even better with great skin. Also hydrate! We can all be guilty of not drinking enough water. 

Toni Neylon Walker | Toni Neylon Walker Makeup | Co Artistry Tools

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