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Find out more about Yorkshire wedding photographer Christopher Thomas Photography

Find out more about Yorkshire wedding photographer Christopher Thomas Photography: Image 1 Tell us about your Yorkshire wedding photography business...
I'm a wedding photographer who shoots medium format film along side my digital workflow. This gives the imagery a timeless feel, especially as my digital work is edited to match the film I use. The light that was actually at your wedding is burnt into the film negative meaning a piece of your wedding is always present in your photography. I also love black-and-white photography, especially during the morning preparations where natural light is key to expressing depth and emotion. But above everything, it's your story that's important.

What's your background and how did you become a wedding photographer?
I have a really diverse background. I spent most of my 20s studying for a Ph.D, and I then taught for four years. The transition into photography came through travelling with work and needing a creative outlet. Realising that you can use a camera to shape a story and express yourself was an important step for me and my business. It led to me finishing my career as an academic and a teacher to pursue photography; and I haven't looked back since.

What's your favourite type of wedding to work on?
My favourite type of wedding is always one that authentically represents the couple. It's one where they fully lean into what makes them who they are. And it doesn't matter what that representation is: traditional, completely untraditional, themed or a garden party. As long as the couple are doing what they want, then it's a joy to photograph because they are so relaxed and filled with joy that the photographs can't help but imbue those feelings also.

What's your top tip for couples planning a wedding?
Decide early on what you refuse to compromise on. Be that the venue, the date, the photography, or that one thing you've always dreamed of when you were a child. Prioritise those elements and the rest will fall into place. You'll save money elsewhere because at least you have this.

What's the most common question couples ask you?
How much posing do we have to do? My answer is simple: I want you to express who you are as a couple. I want you to interact with each other like you normally would, and I want to capture that genuine interaction. Ultimately, I want you to see each other in your photographs, not just a beautiful pose. You and your guests will never be asked to 'look at the camera and smile'.

How have you helped your couples during the coronavirus crisis?
The best stories I have so far through the coronavirus pandemic are simply helping every couple who has had to postpone their wedding to find a date that still works. So far everyone who has rescheduled has maintained all their vendors. It's a challenging time for everyone right now, and just offering support and clarity can help couples feeling the anxiety of postponement or uncertainty. Just being a shoulder to lean on is important right now.

Christopher Thomas Photography | www.christopherthomasphotography.co.uk@christopherthomasphotography88

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