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Flowers and weddings have gone hand in hand since the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians carried posies of fragrant herbs and wore floral garlands at their nuptials to ward off back luck as well as to symbolise new beginnings, fidelity and fertility. Today, it's difficult to imagine a wedding without them. Since those early days, they've become a staple of wedding styling, bringing themes and palettes together and creating an atmosphere of joy and romance. If your own big-day blooms have now reached the top of your to-do list, dive in, as we've asked the county's florists some of the most pressing questions at the forefront of our minds. So, don't finalise your flowers until you've read our annual flower feature in the current issue of Your Yorkshire Wedding! It's free to download at www.youryorkshire.wedding/free-download

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Kate was the wellbeing lead and Emma was head of year at the same school. During Kate’s first staff briefing Emma read out a notice and as soon as she heard her voice the world stopped turning for her. “I fell in love instantly,” Kate remembers. For various reasons, they couldn’t be together, but instead became best friends. “I kept my feelings hidden for a couple of years,” Kate remembers. “I eventually declared my love to her though, and happily she felt the same.”  

Emma proposed to Kate in Kensington Gardens on New Year’s Eve. “I knew it was coming at some point because we’d had engagement rings made out of my great grandma’s engagement ring, which we designed together,” Kate explains. It was a rainy day, so the gardens were deserted. Emma had both rings with her, so once she’d got down on one knee and asked Kate to be her wife, Kate then got done on one knee to ask the same.  

Although the couple live in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, Kate is a Yorkshire lass born and bred and still has family there. Emma fell in love with the area as soon as she visited with Kate, so they both knew where the wedding would take place. “I love the spectacular, rugged views, so I knew Holmfirth Vineyard would be perfect,” Kate shares.  

Join us as Kate tells us the story of their romantic W-day, 31st December 2023. Download the current issue of Your Yorkshire Wedding to find it, at www.youryorkshire.wedding/free-download
Alice and Josh met during their first year of university. “We became really close friends and eventually it blossomed into something more,” Alice says. We fast forward to 2022, by which point the couple had been together for nine years. They gone out to celebrate this milestone anniversary in York. Unbeknownst to Alice, Josh had enlisted the help of her mum to decorate their living room with balloons and banners while they were out, and when they arrived home, the Champagne was waiting. Josh dropped to one knee and proposed with this late grandma's ring. “It was the perfect end to the night, and the rest is history,” Alice says.

Find out about their big day in the current issue of Your Yorkshire Wedding, free to download at www.youryorkshire.wedding/free-download
We think it'll be love at first sight when you see the beautiful oak-framed Grand Hall at Sandburn Hall along with its arched window with stunning views over the golf course and lakes. The setting is delightful, the hall is gorgeous, the food is delicious... what more could we ask for?

For more on Sandburn Hall and further York and Harrogate venues, check out the latest issue, free to download at www.youryorkshire.wedding/free-download
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While Katie and Corey worked together as teachers at the same school, they only really got to know each other while on a residential visit to Whirlow Hall Farm Trust. Together they took a group of 12 primary school children to learn about farming and the countryside. “It's often the first time these children have stayed away from home, so we get them involved in the cooking but Corey and I were left with the washing up!” Kate tells us. And that's where it all began.

Their love blossomed over time and Corey surprised Kate by proposing at More Hall Reservoir. To celebrate, they'd planned to head over to The Barn Cafe at Whirlow, where they first bonded during that memorable trip, but alas it wasn't to be. The diamond from the engagement ring had decided to go walkabout and although they searched high and low, sadly didn't manage to find it. “It wasn't the proposal either of us imagined... although we can see the funny side of it now and enjoy having a story to tell,” Kate laughs.

You can discover the story of their big day in the Mar/Apr24 issue of Your Yorkshire Wedding, free to download at www.youryorkshire.wedding/free-download

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Love Cheese is a specialist cheesemonger based in York offering a variety of cheeses from the UK and Europe. Rather than offering set options, a Love Cheese wedding cake is bespoke to your tastes and budget. The team offer an in-person cheese tasting, which involves eating lots of cheese while exploring the different shapes and sizes to create your perfect cake.

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It was love at first sight for Emily and Clay when they met at a restaurant in Dubai, and the rest is history! Clay very romantically proposed while Emily was ironing one day. “I kind of suspected it was going to happen,” she says. “Well, I knew he was the kind of man I'd love to be with all of my days on earth, and I knew he loved me.”

To find out more about the couple's big day, check out the Mar/Apr24 issue of Your Yorkshire Wedding, free to download at www.youryorkshire.wedding/free-download
"I 'd love to say there's a wonderful, romantic love story about how we met,” Hannah begins. “But it's probably how most start these days, on good old social media!” She met Kyle through Facebook in 2015: a friend request was sent and received, a few profile picture likes were exchanged, which in turn led to messaging and the rest is history.

Kyle proposed four days before Christmas in 2021, and the moment was just how Hannah had dreamed it. “I'd taken a day off work to go to the hairdressers and do the beauty prep for the festive period,” she remembers. “When I got home, I was met by Daisy, our English bulldog, wearing a new red collar. I didn't think anything of it, just said 'hello' and continued on into the living room where I found Kyle. He was on one knee holding out the most beautiful wedding ring with Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas playing in the background.” His question was met with much excitement, and of course, the all-important, “Yes!” Kyle then went on to ask if Hannah had seen the tag on Daisy's collar, she admitted that she hadn't, and bent down to check then. It read: “Will you marry dad?”

Find out more about Hannah and Kyle's big day in the Mar/Apr24 issue of Your Yorkshire Wedding, free to download at www.youryorkshire.wedding/free-download
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Designed by award-winning architects and combining late-Victorian grandeur with contemporary comforts, Principal York is elegant and impressive in décor. From the awe-inspiring cast iron staircase and original Victorian floors, to the high-ceilinged banqueting rooms and 155 luxurious bedrooms, the hotel is packed with character and charm. Surrounded by three acres of landscaped gardens, it's known as the Grande Dame of York, standing proudly just steps from the city's bustling train station.

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Nicola and Ian met at school back in the 80s. “We then went to the same college, where Ian asked me out on the steps in front of his friends – and I said, 'No!'” says Nicola. “Years passed, then one day Ian popped up on Facebook as a friend suggestion. Messaging each other, he explained he was getting divorced, so being a lawyer I offered my help and suggested a coffee date. That first coffee was lovely; a great catch up while talking about the legal stuff. The next time we met was to get his divorce and conveyancing moving. Ian then asked me out for a third time for no reason, saying we should go for a walk the next morning. We talked for hours, then as we said goodbye he kissed me. Boom – that's when I knew this was something special.”

Find out more about Nicola and Ian's big date at Whitely Hall (www.whitleyhall.com) in the current issue, available now. Read Your Yorkshire Wedding magazine for free!
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