Holli and Richard planned a relaxed wedding that was brimming with personal touches

As with so many couples, it was a shared sense of humour that attracted Holli to Richard when they worked together at Ted Baker. It was obviously a good basis for the relationship as Richard was soon planning the perfect proposal while the couple were on holiday in Costa Rica.

"Richard pretended that we'd won a competition for a romantic meal for two on the beach so I didn't suspect anything," Holli says. "He had secretly ordered my favourite food – I thought it was strange that the hotel had known! Little did I know he was about to propose."

The happy couple were engaged for two years, during which time they planned their dream day against the backdrop of the picturesque Priory Barn & Cottages on the 3rd June, 2019. Holli fills us in on the details…

Laid-back love: Image 1 Priory Barn & Cottages was the first and only venue we looked at. We loved that everyone could stay there and we had access to the whole site for two days. This meant our friends and family could enjoy the lead-up together and celebrate with us for as long as possible.

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We opted for a white colour scheme with hints of blush and ivory for contrast. My bouquet consisted of roses, peonies and stocks with some tiny eucalyptus. We also had two amazing floral columns at the ceremony.

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We didn't want the day to be too formal, so we kept it simple and relaxed with a touch of elegance. Although we were in a barn, we didn't want a country theme so we made sure the flowers and decoration brought some glamour!

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For a bit of variation, we dressed half the tables with candles and the other half with tall floral arrangements. There was a large opening at the venue that we wanted to fill, so my mum ordered some blooms from a wholesaler and created gorgeous arrangements in vases – it looked amazing!

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A string quartet performed Elvis' Can't Help Falling in Love during my ceremony entrance and Marry You by Bruno Mars as we left. The day was so lovely and warm that the quartet and our singer could perform outside in the courtyard afterwards.

Laid-back love: Image 4 I found my dressin the first shop I visited – The Bridal Collection in Harrogate. At first I wasn't convinced, then my bridesmaid suggested trying a belt with it and it totally changed the look! It was so comfortable and I felt amazing in it.

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It's daunting standing in front of all your guests saying your vows so we kept the ceremony simple and didn't put too much pressure on ourselves. Both of our sisters did a reading and my flowergirl decided halfway through that she'd like to hold my hand – very cute!

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We dined on an informal barbecue-style menu, which included a tasty surf-and-turf skewer with smoked rib-eye steak, giant king prawns and butter-grilled chicken alongside hand-cut chips, salad and breads. For dessert, there was sticky toffee pudding and a cheese board.

Laid-back love: Image 6 I didn't want a huge cake that wouldn't get eaten, so we opted for a small fruit cake made by Rich's mum and cupcakes in lemon and chocolate flavours. I didn't even manage to have one as they all went so quickly!

Laid-back love: Image 7 Looking back, there's nothing we would have done differently; it really was the best day of our lives.

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