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Real Weddings: From Yorkshire With Love

From Yorkshire With Love

Kate was wellbeing lead and Emma was head of year at the same school. During Kate's first staff briefing Emma read out a notice and as soon as she heard her voice the world stopped turning for her. "I fell in love instantly," Kate remembers. For various reasons, they couldn't be together, but instead became best friends. "I kept my feelings hidden for a couple of years," Kate remembers. "I eventually declared my love to her though, and happily she felt the same."


Real Weddings: Wine, Wedding and Song

Wine, Wedding and Song

Kelly and Mike met via Tinder as so many couples do. "We met, fl at-shared, bought a house, had two children, then got married," Kelly says. "Probably the wrong way around, but totally perfect for us!"


Real Weddings: Chapter One

Chapter One

Alice and Josh met during their first year of university. "We became really close friends and eventually it blossomed into something more," Alice says. We fast forward to 2022, by which point the couple had been together for nine years, and they'd gone out to celebrate this milestone anniversary in York. Unbeknownst to Alice, Josh had enlisted the help of her mum to decorate their living room with balloons and banners while they were out, and when they arrived home, the Champagne was waiting. Josh dropped to one knee and proposed with this late grandma's ring. "It was the perfect end to the night, and the rest is history," Alice says.


Real Weddings: Lessons in love

Lessons in love

While Katie and Corey worked together as teachers at the same school, they only really got to know each other while on a residential visit to Whirlow Hall Farm Trust. Together they took a group of 12 primary school children to learn about farming and the countryside. "It's often the first time these children have stayed away from home, so we get them involved in the cooking but Corey and I were left with the washing up!" Kate tells us. And that's where it all began.


Real Weddings: Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

It was love at first sight for Emily and Clay when they met at a restaurant in Dubai, and the rest is history! Clay very romantically proposed while Emily was ironing one day. "I kind of suspected it was going to happen," she says. "Well, I knew he was the kind of man I'd love to be with all of my days on earth, and I knew he loved me."


Real Weddings: Stately Home Sweet Home

Stately Home Sweet Home

I'd love to say there's a wonderful, romantic love story about how we met," Hannah begins. "But it's probably how most start these days, on good old social media!" She met Kyle through Facebook in 2015: a friend request was sent and received, a few profile picture likes were exchanged, which in turn led to messaging and the rest is history.


Real Weddings: We Did It Our Way

We Did It Our Way

Lindsey and Stephen met online and within three dates knew this was it. "Finding out that Stephen used to come fishing at my parents' ponds when he was younger, made it feel like we were destined to meet all those years later," says Lindsey. Feeling that their lives fit together perfectly, Stephen proposed on Lindsey's 30th birthday at home with help from their children, five and four months. "It was the perfect, intimate proposal I'd always dreamed of," Lindsey remembers.


Real Weddings: Raise A Glass

Raise A Glass

Although Claire and Jack knew of each other from school, it wasn't until they were a bit older that their paths regularly started to cross during nights out in town. "We started talking on my birthday one year and that's when Jack finally asked me out on a date," Claire tells us.


Real Weddings: Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home

Anna and Chris met online. Although Chris messaged first, he then took a week to respond to Anna's reply. When it finally did come, the note just said: "I'm rubbish at messaging people back. Shall we just meet?" They'd both discovered a common interest in CrossFit and he attended a gym Anna was herself interested in joining, so she thought: "Why not?" They got together for a lunchtime Nandos, and having both made strange requests with their food, immediately felt comfortable with each other. "We both had a lot in common, but were also both independent. Having our own interests was very important to us both," Anna says.


Real Weddings: Live, Laugh, Love

Live, Laugh, Love

Nicola and Ian met at school back in the 80s. "We then went to the same college, where Ian asked me out on the steps in front of his friends – and I said, 'No!'" says Nicola. "Years passed, then one day Ian popped up on Facebook as a friend suggestion. Messaging each other, he explained he was getting divorced, so being a lawyer I offered my help and suggested a coffee date. That first coffee was lovely; a great catch up while talking about the legal stuff. The next time we met was to get his divorce and conveyancing moving. Ian then asked me out for a third time for no reason, saying we should go for a walk the next morning. We talked for hours, then as we said goodbye he kissed me. Boom – that's when I knew this was something special."


Real Weddings: Regal Romance

Regal Romance

When Adam and Jake met online they were both immediately drawn to each other's values, love of family and strong work ethic. So, naturally their relationship flourished and one day down the line Jake decided it was time to propose. He took Adam to their favourite spot, the West Cliff Pier at Whitby on New Year's Eve, which was also Adam's birthday. When Jake popped the question, it was a complete surprise for Adam, and although he never wanted a public engagement, the whole of the North East was seemingly on the pier that day, which Jake assures us was completely unintentional!


Real Weddings: Last Christmas

Last Christmas

Emma met Tom at a friend's Christmas party in Newcastle. "I was a student in my second year of uni, whereas Tom's from the city," says Emma. "There was an instant attraction and we spent the whole party getting to know each other ending the evening dancing in the living room to Wham's Last Christmasoblivious to everyone watching!


Real Weddings: Work mates

Work mates

Dani met Alex met when he started at the same company she worked at. "It was his first day and I happened to be covering reception for the morning," says the bride. "Alex's manager left him waiting in reception for a while, so we ended up chatting – and got on from that very first meeting. "Alex popped the question four years later, under the stars at the Grand Canyon. "That's what we tell people, at least!" laughs Dani. "I'd been excited about it being an amazing stargazing location, but after we'd driven out and found a place to park, we looked upto see nothing but clouds! After 15 minutes, a small clearing revealed about six stars, which is when Alex seized the moment and proposed. I had my suspicions he might ask me during the trip, but it was a wonderful surprise at that moment."


Real Weddings: A white wedding

A white wedding

Sophie and Elliot met via Match dating site. The couple laughs that it's an ongoing joke that Elliot paid more for Sophie – as Sophie had a discount code for the site! What a bargain! Sophie adds, "We met relatively early on in our subscription, so we did have to have the conversation about whether or not we needed to renew!" As luck had it, the stars were aligned for these two teaching professionals and now, they have their six weeks summer holidays to spend together!


Real Weddings: The name's Wilks, Mr & Mrs Wilks

The name's Wilks, Mr & Mrs Wilks

Jemma and Jack met on Tinder. As Jemma recalls, "We wish we could give a more romantic story, but a modern-day Tinder romance it is. I was actually sat with one of my close friends having a coffee and she was looking through the app on my phone and found Jack – Jack is actually her cousin! So, she swiped right, it was a match. The rest is history." Jemma and Jack married on 17th June, 2022 at Wharfedale Grange. Here, Jemma tells us more about their day...


Real Weddings: Once upon a time...

Once upon a time...

Sam and Victoria met at work. Victoria tells us, "We realised we had a lot in common, liked the same things and found ourselves eating pizza and drinking wine at the local restaurant shortly after." During lockdown, on Christmas morning Sam proposed. Of course, Victoria said yes, and wedding planning began! On 28th May 2022, at Ripley Castle, Harrogate, the pair said their vows. Here, Victoria tells us more about their day...


Real Weddings: Picture perfect

Picture perfect

Amelia and Dom met on a typical guys and gals holiday when they were young, free and single. And who says holiday romances don't last? Some eight years later, Dom got down on one knee whilst on holiday in Portofino, the picturesque fishing village on the Italian Riviera coastline.


Real Weddings: I've got you babe

I've got you babe

No one could have predicted how Tabs and Nick's first date would have started out seeing as she was supposed to be being set up with someone else! Not hitting it off with her date, Tabs asked to swap seats discreetly with her best friend, Eve, after the meal and ended up sitting next to Nick - the rest is history! Tabs tells us, "Nick's intelligence was one of the things I was most attracted to along with his sense of humour and how unbelievably kind he is. Nick was most attracted to my sense of humour - you can't take yourself too seriously!"


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