Be careful who you follow! Do's and don'ts for getting fit

Be careful who you follow! Do's and don'ts for getting fit

Follow these top tips to look and feel your best

1. Do your research

Fitness is booming on instagram but beware. Just because someone is advising you how to do squats, burpees or bear crawls doesn’t mean they are qualified to. Know your fitness vloggers and check out their credentials.

2. Do look after your bones and joints

Exercise is always so focused on muscle but do you ever think about the impact on your joints? Take a daily supplement as per the likes of LQ Liquid Heath Jointcare to keep you supple and free from injury. The liquid shots contain glucosamine, ginger essential vitamins which all contribute to overall joint health.

3. Do use a fitness app or tracker

This will keep record of your progress and help to keep you motivated as you can visibly set and achieve your goals/inch loss.

4. Dont go too hard too quick

If you haven’t exercised in a while and you think that an advanced HIIT session is a good idea, it ISNT. Start off with a beginners and work your way up. This will increase stamina steadily and prevent any unwanted accidents which will put you out of action entirely.

5. Do include protein in your diet

It’s best to stick to healthy forms of protein such as pulses, oily fish and eggs rather than upping your intake through shakes. We can get the amount we need from a healthy diet according to the NHS. Intake before and after exercises is best for muscle recovery.

6. Dont ‘avo’ load of avocados

Eating foods high in fat such as avocado before a workout can actually cause a tummy upset so save your beloved green fruit for a post workout treat.

7. Do become one with nature

Set to be a huge trend in 2018, it’s all about exercising outdoors. Not only will you save money on costly gym memberships: exercising in the fresh air can also help reduce stress levels and improve your memory.

8. Do get your pet involved

If you like the idea of combining your downward dog with your actual dog, then doga is for you. Yup you heard right. Doga is yoga for you and your dog aiming to relieve stress and tension. A sense of humour is required!

9. Dont forget to stretch

Stretching should never be underestimated. Always do it before and after work out to reduce your chances of muscle strain and to improve general flexibility.

10. Do bring a bottle

If you are feeling thirsty at the gym then it’s likely you are dehydrated which can result in body exhaustion. Drink plenty of fluid and try to stick to water.

LQ Liquid Health Jointcare is now available from Boots stores and

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