Pre-wedding top tips for shaping legs, defining bums and toning tummies

Pre-wedding top tips for shaping legs, defining bums and toning tummies

Ashley Verma, Founder of DEFINE London shares her top tips

Instead of separating individual exercises for specific body focuses (abs, legs etc.), do them all together in one full-body workout, as this will maximize your daily calorie burn, giving you better and faster results!

Some quick exercises to try at home are:

1) Lunges with hip extension
As well as toning your legs, lunges really work the bum. If you add a hip extension, lifting the leg up and behind you after each lunge, you will feel it even more in the bum, which means it’s working!

2) The advanced bridge
We remember the bridges we used to do when we were younger, but lifting your leg in this position helps to isolate your bum muscle on the leg that is still on the ground, taking the exercise one step further.

3) Squats with a twist
While regular squats work and have a great effect on bum and legs, squat jumps offer a different spin on the traditional exercise, which you will definitely feel in your quads. Ensure you use the entire foot when jumping, not just on the toes, and try to keep your shoulders from leaning out beyond your knees to avoid any strain or injury.

4) Plank tap
The plank is a classic (and slightly tedious) workout exercise, so why not take it further by adding in shoulder taps? Raise your plank slightly higher than normal and then tap each hand to the opposite shoulder, in turn, while making sure your core and glutes are engaged. Go further? Toe taps. Same idea, but start in Downward Dog so you can reach the opposite toe while keeping your legs straight, and your core engaged.

5) Reverse crunch
Mix up your standard sit ups by introducing reverse crunches into your routine, using the lower abdominal muscles to lift your bum and lower back off the floor. This method targets your lower abs to flatten the tummy, getting the results you desire.

If you have 15 minutes at home or in your office...

o Clear a little space for yourself.

o Drop to the floor to a long form push-up position.

o Find you core and alignment and simply hold. Take in your posture.

o Pull your belly in tight and open your chest, "Proud Posture". You will immediately notice the entire body start to fire up.

o Lift your right leg off floor and start to do a little leg lift [count to 10]. Then switch to the other side.

o Immediately into 10 push-ups.

o Work on your strength, if you have to modify then do so. There is always tomorrow to add a few long form push-ups in. Also, start with10 and be massively impressed with yourself!! You deserve to be as you are doing something amazing for your body. Tomorrow add an extra 5 ;)

o Press back, child's pose.

o Walk hands forward to a forearm plank and again, simply hold. Your abs should be sizzling. Tune into your form and notice the feeling of length in the body. If you are feeling like a rock star add a bend and press of the knees, jog the knees, or continue to hold for 15 seconds. Then tomorrow's goal is to go longer.

o Press back child's pose.

o Step your right leg forward, tuck the back toes and lift up into a lunge. If you struggle with balance, hold onto a sturdy piece of furniture.

o Add some pulsing/bounce of the body. This will go deeply into the lower body firing up quads, glutes, and YES your abs are massively involved. Aim to stay here for a minute starting out and then build.

o Switch to the other side. Try to keep the same timing on both sides.

o If you want more add Wall Sit in after your lunges. This will hit full circumference of the lower body and turn you into a calorie burning machine the rest of the day. You got this!

Stick to the same basic routine starting out. This way you can truly focus on your form, breathe, and honestly, why complicate things? You’re new; allow yourself to get used to a routine before you add more. Great results can be made by repeating the same workout but increasing the intensity and duration. Obviously switching things up can help you avoid plateaus, but so can increasing the length in time you hold, or with the added 10 push-ups at the beginning of your workout. Even turning it into circuits and see how many rounds you can do can help.

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