Your Yorkshire Wedding - September/October 2023 (Issue 62)

Q&A Beauty Our two experts answer your wedding hair and beauty dilemmas NATURAL WOMAN I’ve had three trials with make-up artists who didn’t listen to the fact I don’t normally wear a lot. It was far too much – what should I do? When it comes to booking a make-up artist, conduct thorough research. Look for portfolios that showcase images aligning with the style you desire. What one person considers ‘natural’ might differ from another, so finding an artist who shares your vision is important. Bringing your make-up bag to the trial is also useful, showing the artist the products you use and when you typically wear them. Above all, honesty is crucial, so don’t pretend to like something if you don’t. Make-up artists want you to be happy and feel your best. While they’ll offer expert advice, remember the trial is a collaboration between the pair of you. Communicate openly at the start, middle and end, to ensure your desired look is achieved. Lucy Blenkinsop, Lucy Blenkinsop Hair & Makeup LOSING IT I suffer from alopecia, and wedding stress is causing a lot of hair to fall out. What should I do? Firstly, relax, if this is your hair and how you’re going to look at your wedding then that’s beautiful, and more importantly it’s you. Ensure your scalp is in the best condition by doing weekly exfoliations and scalp treatments – your local specialist will be able to advise on these. I’d recommend some detailed headwear to finish your natural look; perhaps a wide headband which will be the most comfortable over your scalp or finer hair – or even some soft glitter or scalp gems to create a shimmer. However, if you’d feel more comfortable to have your head more covered on your big day there are several options. Contact a wig specialist for a full scalp coverage, or an extension specialist to add to your natural hair; both of which could then be styled in your chosen way. At the end of the day, you’ve got to do what’s right for you – it’s your special day so it’s really important you feel confident and comfortable. Jade Noble, Flourish Hair and Beauty ASK THE EXPERTS 77