Your Yorkshire Wedding - May/June 2023 (Issue 60)

Q&A Our two experts answer your hair and beauty dilemmas Beauty THE ONLY WAY IS UP I’d like my long hair up for my wedding but am unsure about it looking too structured. What do you suggest? I get a little nervous when brides with long locks ask for their hair to be up, as it can be such a dramatic change. I usually suggest that they should still retain a feeling of length. One way to do this is by creating what I call a party pony – a fun, full ponytail with lots of texture and volume. It could be as structured as a Hollywood wave or a relaxed boho creation, and is formal enough for the most refined ceremony, but also dance-floor ready. Gone are the days of the ‘messy bun’, with even the most relaxed styles wanting a feeling of smoothness, without feeling scraped back. Enter the timeless relaxed updo with lots of trailing tendrils around the face. I love integrating lots of loose twists that I can then pull out a bit for more fullness, so it feels luxurious and refined while at the same time effortless and chic. Chrys Chapman, Chrys Chapman Hair & Makeup Stylist | GLAMOUR GIRL I’ve decided on a second dress for the evening so I can dance the night away. How can I transform my hair and make-up into a party look? What a great idea! First of all, make sure you have powder foundation to hand to get rid of any shine, and to add some extra coverage after you’ve been greeting guests all day. A red lip is perfect for a day-to-night transformation, but if you’re worried about having to reapply it constantly invest in a decent lip stain instead. When teamed with tinted lip balm on top, it’ll give you a hydrated, glossy look – without your hair getting stuck to the stickiness of a lipgloss once you let your hair down to properly party! Finally, why not consider adding some shimmery powder highlight onto your cheekbones as well as your shoulders and collarbones for a little extra glam, even using some on the centre of your eyelids to bring out the colour of your eyes? It’s a fool proof way to go from classic chic to party mode, before you go back to the dancefloor and boogie to your heart’s content! Ness Wong, Ness Wong MUA & Beauty Therapy | 70